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training Firefighting is often exciting, sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding. It is also work. Can you imagine yourself pulling a hose through a hot zone while wearing sixty pounds of bunker gear? Can you imagine yourself receiving a call-out two hours after falling asleep for the night? Can you imagine yourself standing in the cold directing traffic for three hours at an emergency scene? You can? Then imagine yourself a volunteer firefighter.

training The Abiquiu Volunteer Fire Department is always looking for new members who are willing to commit their time and energy to the service of the community and the success of the department. The department is especially interested in volunteers prepared to serve as fire fighters and/or emergency medical responders. No previous emergency service experience is necessary.

The department provides professional protective clothing, radios, and equipment at no cost to the volunteer. Volunteers are prepared for service through monthly training days at the department, special training courses at the department or at neighboring departments, and courses at the New Mexico Fire Academy in Socorro, New Mexico. Volunteers may officially certify in a range of firefighting and medical response skill areas, including Firefighter 1 and 2, Incident Commander, Emergency Vehicle Operations, EMT Basic and Intermediate, Pump Operator, and Wildland Firefighter.

training A volunteer fire department is on call 24/7. Fires don't break out only on weekends between the big game and dinner and medical emergencies don't happen only during the day time. The success of the department and the safety of the community depend upon volunteers who are prepared to commit their time and energy. The Abiquiu Volunteer Fire Department expects its members to participate actively in its work by attending monthly membership meetings, participating in monthly trainings and special courses, and responding to 911 call-outs for emergency services.

Interested? Come to our department meeting on the second Tuesday of every month at 7 pm, or call 505-901-2486.

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